Sunday, 22 April 2018

D&D 5e: Sangwala Anansie, Dragonborn Paladin

Sangwala Anansie, is my new character for D&D after poor Manny Ram met a rather unfortunate end 3 weeks ago, namely having his head removed by an Ogre.

Never played a Dragonborn before or a Paladin and certainly haven't ever modelled or painted any Lizardmen models. This one is from my bits box and I have added bits from dwarves and wood elves spares I had.

I had to rework his right hand as the dwarf one had 4 fingers where as the Dragonborn only have 3.

The shield is a high elf plastic one with bits from a wood elf cloak and some GS leaves and buds.

The base is one of the Gangs of Rome bases we did with the jigsaw bits filled in.

Next is to get this painted as I am playing with it Monday night. Looking forward to it.

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