Tuesday, 17 April 2018

KOW: Beers Practice

With the latest Beers of War tournament hoving into view I got together with Mick to have a practice with our 1000 point armies. I didn't document every move or fight just some flavour shots really. We were playing on Mick's brand new board as well, undercoated and very green.

Game One

I'm playing Herd, and took:

Horde of Guardian Brutes (caterpillar)
2 Troops of Tribal Hunters
Shaman, Heal 5

Mick had:

2 Regiments of Morax
2 Regiments of Gore Riders
 Troop of Skulks
Krudger on a Boar (Blade of slashing)

The key to delivering my hitty units was to move up behind the troops of Hunters until close and they were effect at this although smaller than the troops they were covering.

In the first game I used them to cover the Stampede and the Brutox, although mainly the Stampede as I know these worry people, so they target them.

Here I was hoping the Brutes would take this charge so I could charge back and get the Brutox in the flank.

These poor Hunters were about to die.

This allowed the Stampede to charge the Gore Riders ahead of them while the other Hunter Troop covered their flank.

The Brutes were technically wavered, which for non KOW players means they can only halt, about face or move back, but because the Brutes have Fury they ignore this and can charge the unit that had charged them.

The Stampede routed the Gore Riders then hid behind the Hunters

As I hoped the Brutes took the charge and with the Brutox Routed the Gores, Mick had done a similar thing in earlier games and wiped out the Brutes in one turn so I was happy with this.

Mick rallied his forces and removed the Stampede, nicely done.

However, with the Brutox and the Brutes taking on the Morax and routing them, the first game came to an end and we set up to play again.

I think it really showed that I was only just slightly less rusty than Mick in these games as he has been concentrating on Saga very much in the last few months.

Game Two

This time I covered the Brutes with the Hunters to see if it would hinder the Stampedes effectiveness.

One advantage of playing a small game on a 6' by 4' table is the space it gives you, I really like this. 

Again the Hunter units shoot when they can removing a few wounds and then take the initial charges.

The combined charge of the Stampede and Brutes pretty much guaranteed the defeat of the Gore Riders, but left the way clear for the Morax to charge the Stampede in the next turn, not good, especially when the Krudger joined in the attack. 

On the left flank I did something very much as an experiment. Could a Brutox survive in a loan combat. I see him as good support but not good alone unless in the flank or rear.

And indeed he only did 4 wounds, not going to do anything to the Gore Riders. The big shiny bit on the Brutox' base keeps him stood upright. ( need to paint it)

Between the Morax and Krudger 13 wounds were caused on the Stampede and here I was blessed with a very low roll of 4 from Mick meaning the Stampede survived and could charge back next turn.

The Gore on the flank attacked back against the Brutox, did 8 wounds and wavered him. However he has same rule as Brutes, Fury, so he can still charge next turn.

The Brutox won his combat and turned to view the rear of Mick's army while the Brutes charged his Krudger and the Stampede charged the Morax. The Krudger was routed and the Morax wavered.

At the same time my Shaman had been scuttling about healing the Stampede of some of its wounds.

With the Brutox moving towards the rear of Mick's Orcs and the combats going my way in the centre and the lateness of the evening we called the game.

So I think this will be my force for the Beers tournament, with a little change to some magic items, swopping just one for another.

I had a good time but didn't feel these games reflect Mick's armies potential, he was very rusty, poor fella, but put on a valiant show. 
Cheers Mick :-) 

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