Wednesday, 11 April 2018

KOW: Abyssal/Herd V Ogres/Basilean 2000 pt Invade Scenario

Down at the WWarriors Club Monday just gone me and Steve teamed up to take on Chris and Kev. This is the middle of turn one and even here it was not going well.

Here was where Steve's Grotesques had once been, shot to bits on their first turn by the unit below.

Steve's circumspect reaction.

We rallied and tried to deliver a slap or two.

I have not written loads here as the game we played didn't seem to relate to what Chris and Kev were doing on the other side of the table. 

But is was not to be, the Harpies and hounds were swept away while my Brutes were wavered by the shooters on the hill, so they would be sitting ducks for the Ogres next turn.

The second Harpy and Beast troops were gunned down , a poor play on my part to be honest.

My first  Brute horde was sent packing in one short turn, the shame.

The Elohi then turned their attention onto Steve's army. 

With the second horde of Brutes gone I only had my Shaman left.

With nothing very much left on the board we threw the towel in and cried into our beers. A quite scary victory for Kev and Chris, who are both smashing lads to play, sort of :-)

Just to end our sorry story here are some close ups of the victorious armies.

Rooster Cogburn no less.

The very nasty shooter horde.

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