Friday, 13 April 2018

Measuring Devices and Xanathar's Guide

What have been doing this week, well buying some bits and pieces like these measuring devices from Battle Flag, very nice, just got to decide how to paint them. 

Xanathar's Guide arrived this week, really these will have to be birthday pressies, not long now!!!

Work wise, there have been some things that are basically secret, so they shall remain so, but also lots of tufts have been made and below a bespoke drying rack that me and Luke knocked up from an old shelf and a load of cardboard. The shelves actually slide out, now there's posh aye. You can see from above the tufts are in such demand that we were being over run by the shear numbers, so the rack should aid drying and not have them under our feet :-) 

Might get a lick of paint some time in the future, but more important stuff to do in meantime.

Next post will be an update on the cottage alterations as the roof is nearly complete. 
Am very aware that my posts have been rather haphazard recently, I can't give any reassurances that it's going to get any better, but I will try my best. 
Cheers for reading :-)

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