Sunday, 29 April 2018

Beers of War: The Armies, Doubles

Here are some of the armies from the doubles tournament yesterday at Beers of War over in Wakefield run by Lee. Loads of fantastic painting and loads of fun games. Will post some of the highlights from mine and Mick's day later.

Above Kev's Basileans and below Chris's Ogres.

Steve's fantastic Abyssal Dwarfs.

Mick's toothy Orcs.

My horrid Herd.

Goblin horde, not sure of owner, sorry.

Below Matt's Carthaginians.

Nature at its best.

Another lovely Nature army.

Finally a Salamander army, lovely use of scenery, especially the aquarium plants.

You may have noticed not been very present for last few days on blog or commenting, but have been poorly again! Slight flu thing, so my games were difficult yesterday but didn't want to let my partner down. Had a great as always, report to follow when brain works better :-)

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