Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Five Parsecs: Alien Mercs Completed

These are all the new Alien Mercs and the original 5 and I don't think they look too bad now they are together.

As I hoped the paint drew them all together as a group. 

However it has made me think about whether it is really that useful to create molds when they are generally of an inferior quality.   

It is the speed by which they can be knocked out that is the draw.

At 10 mm or so I'm not sure I should worry that much, especially since its only me playing with them :-)

The tufts are a bit of an experiment that went a bit strange, so thought they may work well here and they look OK.

When I get the new crew of the Odi Sante complete I will be running another solo 5 Parsecs game shortly.

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