Saturday, 21 July 2018

Saga: Swords for Hire, Gall-Gaedhil

I was recently given a whole load of Wargames Foundry Vikings by Luke, of Lukes APS, and decided to use them to create a Swords for Hire unit for Saga.

The Gall-Gaedhil were an obvious choice, they seemed to work well with my Irish warband that is nearly complete. The Gal-Gaedhil are naturalised Vikings who have married into Irish families and fight alongside Irish warbands.

Not sure how these will play in a game but will try to get a game in soon.

Basically, they are a large berserker unit getting 2 attacks each, but with some other draw backs to be aware of.

All the tufts you see here, shameless plug coming, were make by myself for Lukes APS, available to buy soon.

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