Sunday, 1 July 2018

Gaslands: Ducks of Hazard

At WWarriors again this week for another game of Gaslands. We have started to roll for the scenario when we get there to avoid any advantage that some of us who come less well prepared may suffer.

So as you can see we set up for a Death Race. Four teams of 3 cars, 70 cans.

It was the second game for me and only the first time playing with sponsor, I had gone with Idris, purely on the basis that I liked Idris Elba in the various film and TV stuff he has done. 

I took a Car with Nitro and a HMG and a ram. a Performance car with Nitro and an HMG and lastly a Truck with a Flamethrower, which I never got to shoot!

The race started with the first few cars pulling away, but then Steve tried some dirty tactics and ran into the rear of his own performance vehicle, which would then evade and therefore give the Pcar another move basically. This it did but then Fran drove his truck with a ram straight into Steve's buggy and it flipped on the starting grid.

Some sense of normality was restored until my car , with Hot Start pulled way in 5th, narrowly missing Fran's police car.

Very close!!!!

Tightly bunched except for Steve's Pcar out in front due to the helpful shunt. 

It was about this time I used my Nitro and sped up the field with Mikes performance car very close behind.

While you maybe able to see an impending problem with Mikes other car and mine i.e collision.  

The front of the race.

I missed the impact shot but basically loads of dice were thrown and I had a ram, so 11 for me and 9 for Mike but I threw loads of 6's and did 10 wounds, while my car took 6 I believe. 

A failed swerve by Fran got me in the rear again but we both tried to evade.

At the front of the pack my Pcar had managed to put itself right in the way of Steve's Pcar.

After an expert slide Steve was in a much better position and Mike had moved up to contest who would cross the first gate ......first.

My car, having made a poor choice of template and having been shunted, hit the building. 

Gate two from another angle.

My car flips and then is wrecked.

Although I did go over the line first what happened to end my move in such a poor situation.
A long story, which started with me choosing a template that my gear would not allow me to use, so Steve got to choose and hence.... 

Steve sped forward and claimed the lead.

At this point only Fran had not lost at least 1 vehicle, well done Fran :-)

Unfortunately Mike had to leave at this point, so some of the terrain changed and all Mikes car leave the game, shame.

Up at the front Steve and I change positions yet again, mainly because of Steve's perk using slides creatively.

But in last position Steve's car struggles to control itself and in fact never moves in the game again.

I don't remember exactly how my Pcar ended up wrecked but I am sure it had something to do with Fran shooting me :-) 

Still not moving.

Fran goes for a long distance collision to slow Steve down. They collide and Steve survives but the result is that I got to choose how to position Fran and so I thought I would put them nose to nose. 

The resulting collision saw a ton of hull damage on Steve's car and it was destroyed. 

This was the end of our game as it was getting rather late , Fran seemed to be the winner having 2 cars at the front and so the game was drawn to an end

I really can't stress how much fun I have playing this game, it is a complete hoot every time, I spend all evening laughing. Cheers again to Fran for helping me with the more complicated rules and cheers to Mike and Steve for a fantastic nights gaming.
If you haven't played Gaslands give it a go, its cheap to start and will make you smile, guaranteed. 

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