Monday, 9 July 2018

Gaslands: Training Arena/Day

Wanted to set up a 2 foot square training area for my Team Idris and to show how other terrain from other game systems can be used to great effect in Gaslands.

The starting lines are a mix of sci-fi spaceship floor plans for 5Parsecs and some steampunk machinery pieces for In Her Majesty's Name.

The 2 foot board is a camping sleep mat cut down. May paint some oil spills and rust/blood patches and some skid marks on eventually.

Obviously could never actually play a full game on 2 foot square, but I have 4 of these mats, and they are cheap to buy- £2.99 Morrisons!

These are all the pieces of pre-existing terrain I had made for other games:


Five Parsecs in 10 mm

The walls are from Five Parsecs in 30 mm.

I still need to glue my wheels so the cars don't travel on the board..... today!!!!

Red finishing posts from In Her Majesty's Name.

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