Friday 18 July 2014

Beastmen V's Skarsnik's Night Goblins

Last night played a 2500 game of WFB at my friend Micks house. Took a load of photos so will try to relate the game. Again it was a good laugh, much laughing throughout.

Deployment and first turn, due to Skarsnik's Tricksy Traps my Bestigor and Ghorgon set up on the edge of the table. The rest of the army move forward and wait for the inevitable fanatics!

Over on the right flank 2 tactical problems are sacrificed too. My Razorgor moves into contact with one of the Mangler Squigs and dies with the Squig. The 2 chariots take on the hoppers, only score 3 impact hits, but manage to win combat with Mick's help, poor rolling throughout.

The second Mangler was a headache, he could have wrecked my battle line. What was needed was a meaningless gesture. So my level 2 shaman moved into contact and died very quickly!

In the centre the fanatics arrive. They destroy the Harpies that set them off.

The Beastman Bray-shaman begins a very successful series of magic phases. Killing 10 goblins with Pit of Shades. 

Most of the Fanatics killed themselves by turn three, one in the centre above, causing more problems for mick.

The giant moves up!

A bit of a stand off in the centre.

I really wanted to get the Bestigor into the Giant, not to be.

The Hoppers rally and then begins a long protracted pillow fight!

The Bray-Shaman strikes again and drops a Pit on the Trolls, killing 5 of the 6.

The 10 Goblins from earlier fail animosity and make for the Ghorgon with an immense sense of purpose.
Their death.

The Ghorgon having despatched the Goblins, moves to outflank the Squig Herd.

The Giant and Bestigor begin their favourite dance, the fandango.

The pillow fight continues. Drawn combat I believe.

"Thing" from the Adam's Family makes a sneak appearance! 

Dance damn you, dance!

Foolishly I charge my general into the dancing Giant. Who drops out of his trance long enough to belt the living daylights out of the Doombull.

The Bray-Shaman unleashed the third Pit, this time on Skarsnik's unit, killing 11.
Tentative movement in the centre, 2 failed charges by the Gor and the Minotaurs. 

The Ghorgon attacks the Squigs and surprisingly does ok.

And while the Giant slips back into his dance trance the game game to an end, mainly due to lateness and the lack of real fight in the centre. We decided the game was a draw, which was only fair.

Well I learned a few things from this game;
1. Be prepared to charge through fanatics, I was a bit lame there.
2. Don't charge giants with a Doombull, unless he is killing machine.
3. Don't make rash decisions at the end of a game, see above.
4. Trust in magic a bit more.

We had a great evening, a real laugh with loads of banter. Sadly can't play for quite a while, holidays are looming. But next game will be a very large 5000 point event. Can't wait.

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