Thursday 3 July 2014


This is my Jabberslythe model. Its based on an old child's giraffe model, cut up and repositioned. Then came the job of making the wings, from card and covered in glue from a glue gun. Then a lot of spikes made from greenstuff and miliput.

Took a long time to make and has to be said sat on my shelf unpainted for quite a while. Mainly because I couldn't ever see me using it in a game, but also because every time I looked at its face all I could see Puff the magic dragon, not really dangerous or insanity inducing.

So I have only ever used this model in one game, an 8000 point game some time ago, in which the Beastmen came to a rather sticky end. Says it all really.

Puff the Magic Dragon goes to war...

Spikes, spikes, spikes....

Clear evidence of  its giraffeness.

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