Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monsters Update

Have been doing bits and pieces of the monster list I created for myself. This is going to take me a lot longer than I thought, even those models I have made a start with look like they are going to go on forever. Well this is how far I've got.

Da list:
4 Juggernauts with warrior riders
6 Deamonettes
3 Dragon Ogres
3 Beasts of Nurgle
6 Chaos Champions
3 Gorgons
1 Cockatrice
3 Giant Scorpions
4 Ghosts
5 Wights
10 Tomb Guards
3 Wraiths
10 Black Orc Champions
1 Liche

These are my Wraiths, now I am under no illusion about the quality of my sculpting skills, I am a rank amateur. But for me that's ok, I'm using them in my own games, so who gives a chuff.

Not so happy with this one, my first attempt.

Am expecting these to look a bit better when they're all painted, will post further posts when that happens.

This Gorgon is from Reaper, very nice, and my inspiration to create my own from bits and miliput.

Think they need another pair of arms each to complete, more hair and then the task of making the tail more snake like can start, fun!

Here they all are together, they look ok to me.

This is how I managed to keep the tail upright so it could all dry in place. This was fun to sort out, very fiddly, tested my patience, but worked in the end.