Wednesday 30 July 2014

The Village of the.......

Well unless I decide I need more buildings this is the end of cottage building for me, breathes sigh of relief.
I feel as if I have had a burden looming over me, well now its over.

This is where we were some 2 months ago, an example of a village.

This where we are today:

I do think that I may need to work on three areas to be honest. Firstly I may make some of the smaller shacks to fill out the village. Secondly I will have to make some small feature pieces that I can add to the cottages to change them into a blacksmiths or shop etc. Thirdly I will need to make more smaller pieces to create the feel of a busy/untidy village or a bustling city area. But I think I will enjoy making crates and signs and barrels etc.

One important building I will have to make is some sort of church/worship type building and there is still another ruined building that needs a roof.

I am also in the middle of making a generic Inn, which I can use in a variety of settings, more posting on this in the future.

Now I have to sit down and decide how these are going to be used in our games of Quest. I can see a set of cards appearing linked to urban adventures, but that is for another time, will keep you posted.

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