Monday 28 July 2014

How We play Warhammer Quest

Thought that I would discuss how we go about playing games of Quest. It's quite a different method to the norm because I try to make it as much like role playing as I possibly can. Quest is a very strange game because it is a hybrid of board game and role playing game, controlled by cards. If you can add in a bit of disassociated role play then mores the better.

I, like all our games, more recently, to be connected in some way or other. When we began playing it was just playing through the adventures in the book, they were not linked and that was fine.

It took about 10 games before one or two of the characters survived, and further games till we had a compliment of 4. At this point I started to link our games, three or so adventures at a time. So that there is a development of character, foe and environment. Obviously with only 2 of us playing at the moment I have to act impartial when plot lines fall into place and not allow my prior knowledge influence my actions.




At certain times I rely on my partner to decide what we should do, which works fine.
It allows me to sort of role play certain parts of the adventure and guide in others, but very importantly makes the adventures more connected and mean more to all concerned. So far it has worked really well.

Further to this I began to develop the idea of Arch Enemies, which I have set aside a page for. These enemies crop up in various games and have been fleshed out as full characters or NPC's, Non Player Characters. These take time to prepare and wouldn't want them dying off immediately, so they are subject to the Mordheim post game rules for downed models. This helps keep them going and even adds further character if they pick up injuries or abilities.

So here we have Hasak, Gabrad and Painfury. Now I had intended the Chaos Lord Gabrad to become Serefina's nemisis, but really he hasn't had a look in because the other two have taken over.
Both Hasak and Painfury have been despatched once each, but they have fled to fight another day.

Boig and her Goblin Guard have only made one appearance, but will be coming back in the near future. I like to leave these NPC's out of a few games so that they can return later with more impact.

In future posts I will try to give a few more insights and examples of how I try to bring more role play into our games of Quest.

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