Friday 4 July 2014

High Elves V Skaven Report; 2000 points


This is going to be a very basic report, the most important thing to comment on is the fact that we had a good laugh and enjoyed the game thoroughly. We didn't use any of the special rules for terrain, it just adds to many variables to the game, so we left them out. 

The Skaven army were arranged as seen here: 2 units of Slaves at the fore, with 2 units of Clanrats to the rear, Plague Monks with a Plague Furnace swinging away, Globadiers behind the cottage and a Hell Pit Abomination, on the other side there is a Warp Lightning Cannon.

Turn One
I moved the Eagle up in front of the 2 Slave units with the idea of drawing them into charge and then fleeing, to create a gap between them and the Clanrats behind.

The Lion Chariot took to the flank, while the Phoenix Guard moved into the trees. The loremaster cast fireball on the Slaves and killed a few. Seaguard and repeaters killed a few more Slaves and a few Plague Monks.
The Slaves charged the eagle and it fled, they moved a short way forward. The Plague Monks moved forward towards the Phoenix Guard.

Turn Two

Seeing an opportunity to get into combat quickly the Phoenix Guard and the Silver Helms decided to take a risk and charge the Plague Furnace unit. They won the first round off combat, but the monks don't give a fig.

The Skaven lines move forward.

The warp lightning cannon hits the Seaguard and coupled with a miscast kill around half the unit. The archmage also takes a wound.

The Hell Pit Abomination has moved away from the central combat, for the time.

Turn Three

Still stuck in combat with the Plague Furnace, the monks fair better this turn and win, just as the HPA hoves into view, just 1 inch short of the charge.

The Clanrats also get in on the act and charge the corner of the Phoenix Guard.

The Eagle flees again right through the Seaguard.

The Seaguard narrowly miss being turned into a unit of rats.

The Phoenix Guard and the Silver Helms leave the fight as quickly as possible.

Although defeated they have despatched quite a few Plague Monks, just not enough!

At this point with the Silver Helms and Phoenix Guard about to be caught and the Seaguard reduced to about 10 models the game was called.

Shame for the High Elves and Victory chitters for the Skaven.

Fantastically painted HPA looking very much every inch evil and foetid.

First and foremost we had a good laugh playing this game, although it did throw up some points for me. 
I really must learn the lesson that the Monks and their bell or Furnace need to be avoided at all costs till later in the game. Really I had a great opportunity to avoid the HPA and the Monks, they were all over one side of the board. Perhaps if I had concentrated on the Clanrats etc I would have had more luck with them in combat, while I shot and magiced the Monks to a more manageable size unit. 
But never mind, perhaps I will remember this idea next time I play Skaven... although I doubt it!
For me the only time I don't enjoy a game is when I feel that I didn't participate in it; well that is certainly not the case in this game.

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