Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Chiefs Cave

You may remember that quite a while ago I had a whole list of jobs to do, monsters, buildings, characters and three new tiles. Here is the first of these new tiles. It is a reworking of tile called the Chiefs Cave, I became aware of it many years ago back in the 80/90's when I used to play role playing games like D&D.

Later it came to my attention as part of a scenario printed in White Dwarf (edition 100) in the 90's, the Floating Gardens of Bahb-Elonn (possible misspelling there). A great adventure with Pygmies, what could be better!

So here is my version of the Chiefs Cave, which I have had to interpret quite a lot. I have added scattered weapons, rough bedding and a brazier from my collection of furniture. I like to add these as separates so that I can alter the look of the tile whenever I use it, its more versa...tile (sorry, bad pun).

The last thing I need to do is to create a card for it so that it can be popped into my standard dungeon deck.
Although at the moment I have developed quite a few new tiles and cards, possibly enough for me to have 2 separate decks and therefore make each adventure a bit more unexpected and unique.