Tuesday 1 July 2014

Daemonettes and Werewolves and Wraiths, oh my!

Here is an update on how I am getting on with my new monster list. I'm trying to mop the easy ones first to be honest, some of the more complicated, larger, models are putting me off. I'll get to them in the end.

These are my take on Daemonettes, obviously, I had a few old beastmen figures and thought I would whip off their heads, add wood elf replacements, then I removed their weapons and made claws from green stuff.

Now Werewolves were not on my list, but they were half done so it only seemed right that they should appear here when done. Half are Reaper Miniatures, and half are Mantic, all lovely models.

This is how far I've moved with the wraiths and the Liche model that I am hand making. After my relative success with the ghosts I thought, why not? have a go at them.

Finally the Witch Hunter figure I've been modeling is completed, I decided to remove the piece of cloth that was attached to his left hand, it was just getting in the way. Really enjoyed making him, lets see how it paints up.

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