Sunday 31 August 2014

Arch Enemy Drawings

Well I might have to re-think these characters a bit, they were meant to be Serefina's arch enemies. I don't honestly think they will cause me any worries, they can be used in any campaign, with any characters, just feels a bit odd perhaps.

The character I use to narrate my short films is another character that will have to adapt as well, although not at the moment, I think he'll take some time off and come back on the scene later. In the meantime Grisbe, the Windy Wharf's barman can take over Daxioms responsibilities.

I do think that most of the NPC's that I have designed will be left out for a while, mainly because as adversaries they are just far too tough for new characters. Perhaps when have managed another half a dozen games and lived then maybe one might pop up, but not for a while.

I could create some new lower level NPC's then I could have Gabrad etc waiting in the wings. Perhaps a group of minor heroes that work for Gabrad, Hasak and Painfury. That works for me, will have to get started on those as soon as possible. See how useful this blog is to me, lets me work out my ideas and discuss, relatively, logical arguments for certain actions. Albeit all alone in my head....... worrying really.

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