Saturday 30 August 2014

Morning the Death of Characters

With the last game I made into a film, you may have noticed that all four characters died during the last battle. I will not spoil it any more, watch the film and you'll see how it happens.

What was interesting about how it affected me and "she who must not be named", because we were both a bit sluffoned (probably spelt wrong, and a Yorkshire ism) not exactly upset but not leaping for joy either.

We had been playing with Serefina, Crue Jazz and Bjorg for about a year I suppose and I certainly had not considered that they might die. We had grown very close to the characters but also quite able to take their continued "existence" for granted.

I have never really liked characters that went on and on, but this time I have to say that I am going to miss them. The only up side is that you can get the dice out and start again... can't wait.


Their final resting place to be decided.

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