Tuesday 5 August 2014

Village of damned Part 2

As I said yesterday, here are some more photos of the village. Tried to get some more shots of it from different angles and plenty of close ups of the village furniture and the figures.

I love this Zombie, its H'armless.

I may well replace my drawings of villages, such as Sagan, with straight aerial photos of the villages instead.
Trouble is I like the drawings, so will probably will include both for completeness.

Long ago I used to play Necromunda/Inquisitor with my son and we used to have aerial photos of all the settings that we played in and around. We gave them names and had fun devising scenarios based around them. I would like to revisit those games, they created many fantastic stories and great games.

I would like create a sort of Mordheim/Quest type hybrid game in which two groups of 4 characters play against each other to achieve some sort of mission. I will take a look at the scenarios in the Mordheim book tonight. I feel inspired...

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