Thursday 28 August 2014


I often read and re-read a section of the Inquisitor rule book because I find it inspiring as well as interesting and informative.

I'm talking about the section at the end of the book by Jervis Johnson. I must have read, "Running an Inquisitor Campaign", many times since I got it in 2001 or there abouts. Its all about the great things I always loved about role playing, which I began when I was 12 with a friend, Tony and his sister (we played D&D from the original, indecipherable set, which looked like they had been badly photocopied) in about 1974.

Taking his thoughts into Quest- I really love the ideas of developing NPC's: as intermediaries in adventures; as arch enemies; as ambiguous characters, that do either or neither of two above jobs.

Also the development of place- to give the real sense theat these adventures are in a solid place rather than floating in the ether of the adventure book.

Finally the notion of campaign, of linking games together to form a narrative story which draws the characters and players together and into the whole over arching story. Often after an initial game from the adventure book, subsequent games are organised by group consent, normally led by me.

To this end I often mapgie bits and pieces/ideas from an eclectic group of sources. Films, old magazines-White Dwarf, Imagine, Wargames Illustrated, older GW material (like the Inquisitor book or the Generals Compendium) The internet, with all the fabulous resources that it contains. To be honest without sites like;  the Warhammer Quest archive; Warhammer Quest Runboard; Quests of Legend; Eastern Empire; Chronicles of the Old World; the Warhammer Quest Face Book page and many more.
We would not have been able to play in the first place.

The effect of all this is to create an ethos of "Caring" (I am aware how that sounds) , the characters, the place, the plot lines, the effects of player decisions. These are the important bits of role playing that I hope seep into our games of Quest, so it becomes more than just a fantasy board game.

So I read Jervis' chapter agan last night and felt I needed to give him a nod of recongition this morning.

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