Wednesday 27 August 2014

Bad Cow 3

While finishing off some painting, character models and snotlings like Bogoff, I have still been working on the Dragon Ogres based on the plastic cows. Here are some more pictures of where I am with the first one, the prototype, as it were.

When I get bits of milliput left over, or I get cheesed off with modelling I add the left over bits to the structural work on the next 2 I will eventually make.

Breaking up modelling is the best way to do it for me. Little and often as they say. That way I don't get finger prints all over the work I've just done. On a good day I can get a half hour session in morn then another in the evening when the resin has set off.

Finaly a quick picture of all three DragonOgres together, as you can see,still a long way to go.

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