Thursday 7 August 2014

Designated Place of Worship.

Chapel of Worship
Have been working on this building for a few days here and there, its to go with the rest of the village and it uses lots of bits from earlier builds and some new stuff.

I used an old ruined building that I built some years back, it fact it was the first of the "new" buildings that I had made which had a lot more detail and was stronger made. This was really achieved using layers of card.
This is how the pair together should look, but with more details on the tower. I am not going to alter the original ruin at all.

The original structure was a Mordheim card model with extra ,more 3D, bits added to it and a base of 6 mm MDF.

The tower was made even longer ago when I started making a castle, which was never really finished. Foam board structure with a card base. I've removed the base and cut archways into the structure.

To this I now intend adding a tower with a domed roof painted off white, which can be removed whenever It doesn't fit with how I am using the model. (Does that make sense?) Not sure which of these two designs to use yet, did the one on the right first, tried the left hand one but now I don't know what to think.

Will be adding brick cladding to outside of the tower and intend making a few simple removable features to make the chapel come alive, an alter perhaps.

Next I will be looking at the extra details needed to make one of the cottages into a Blacksmiths and then I will only have the bar to create, although this has been in the pipeline for a while.

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