Friday, 21 September 2018

D&D 5e: Cottage Boards Update

An update of how far I've got with the different types of 3D building boards I started making a while back. All the building is actually complete, next is to paint all the pieces and then make the doors, windows and other furniture.

These all have steps, same poor design as the laminated versions, so don't tell me they don't work, Ta :-) These make basic cottages, 1 to 4 floors high.

These three boards are the way by which I can extend the first set to make larger buildings in general, like warehouses and mansions etc. I have left one wall off the board so that is the side that attaches to the other 4 original boards.

With the addition of a few doors these become larger versions of the basic cottage.

Very large single story buildings, they may have upper floors too, which I can make from the other boards.

Some of the doors and windows complete, will need a few more.

Did this for fun, but made me really think how these things could stack.

Two different types of warehouse.

Will be painting these shortly although I don't need them for our next D&D game as they PC's are currently deep underground exploring some caverns and looking for kidnapped children.

Also, am off for a week, on holiday to Wales, so won't be posting for a while, thanks for visiting my blog :-)

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