Sunday, 2 September 2018

Terrain: Cavern Tiles/Mars Terrain

These are the finished set of tiles I began the other week specifically for a game of D&D, the one I posted a few days ago. On the night I only used 3 tiles so here are the full set.

I have to say I neither like them or can see any use for them presently.

Some nice textures but at the moment can't see how I would use them. What would you do with them? Kind suggestions only please :-)

I started to play and add bits and pieces, cups and jugs to be exact, but as soon as I added height they began to come to life. Can I feel myself beginning to like them?

They definitely have a magical floating island feel, add some more terrain and I can see myself using these occasionally!

Now with a few miniatures to give a sense of scale and size.

Add a few levels and it would work OK.

Maybe these have more uses than originally thought however I still don't love them.

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