Monday, 17 September 2018

D&D: Official Magic Cards

Making a confession, I usually make my group their magic cards, spell cards and item cards to be used in D&D, but recently have been finding it more and more difficult to keep up to date, so I relented and bought the actual official cards themselves. The group very nicely said that they weren't as nice as mine, but then take no time to dish out and they are 100% accurate, which I always worried about mine.

The Druid deck, for Yulmanda.

This deck is smaller at 131 cards, have really helped my players.

The Arcane deck, for Orianna.

This deck contains 257 cards and are stout solid laminated cards. 

They don't have a very magical D&D feel too them, I have to say, some scroll work round the edges might have added to the design, but they are very practical, you can't have everything.

Apart from the time spent making them, and I will not be throwing these away by the way, I also don't need and Dragon shields for a while.

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