Tuesday, 11 September 2018

D&D 5e: Cottage Boards

Having had a go with drawn cottage plans to play games in towns and cities I found myself tinkering with a 3D version of the same concept.

When I used the card versions they were OK and if I have to DM not in my home I will be using them as travel buildings, however if you want any furniture on them they are a pain to set up,having zilch strength.

First constructed tile, just needs painting now.

Still some work to do on the windows.

The fact that all the doors windows and furniture is separate means I can pretty much have any configuration I want. The solid hardboard base means it can be set up and placed straight into play and won't bend!!!!

These were the original idea, still good as a travel set :-)

A simple cottage may not have an upstairs at all, where a city dwelling may have 4 levels. I get to decide.

Stacked for easy storage. I decided to make the walls quite low, 10 mm, so they didn't get in the way of playing. That's why my original cottages, although having an inside never get used for D&D, plus these are larger. These tiles are 7" by 6", not too bad really.

The doors etc are all made from foamboard, cat food box card, PVAcrete, candle tapers and PVA glue.

Tables, beds and fires in development.

A quick idea of how the tiles may look when complete.

This is looking good so far, so whats next? I will be making a larger tenement building and a larger warehouse building too, but that's it.

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