Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Painting and Photographing and Sculpting

A little while ago I got a paint case from Luke to help with my painting area problem. Namely that I really didn't have one. When I model or paint its often on the kitchen table or often on the living room floor and with very little light on the project.

Not only has it revolutionized my painting and modelling but also my ability to take photo's as well. I live in a reasonably old building, its an old blacksmiths which dates back to around 1820. As a result it has thick walls and small windows, so light is hard to come by. Whenever I take pictures of models or games I struggle to get decent shots, however with the paint case made by Frontier Wargaming I have found a solution to the problem.

Dining room space I work in.

The paint case all set and ready for action.

By removing the light that comes with the case and by adding a standard portable bulb I get a lot more light on anything I want to photograph.

 Definitely better.

I use one of the trays to support the light on the left, while the bulb is just attached to a dining room chair, very technical :-) But at least I'm getting two sources of light on the models now which makes a difference.

Really important to me is the ability to now see very clearly what I am sculpting, the Paint Case has made a massive difference. So although a bit expensive, the light is very bright and whole box contains most of what I need to paint and model, so brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Add to that the advantage of being able to take decent photographs with the set up make the case very useful.

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