Sunday, 9 September 2018

Saga: Viking Bases Experiment

Having recently played Saga over at Mick's I thought I might experiment with making some movement bases, for ease of travel and possibly in game play. I am not sure yet.

Made from packing box card so quite thick.

As always I made a template.

A unit of Bondi, base needs some paint next.

From this you can see I just dug out the first layer of card to create the hole for the model.

Then I built the edge up some more when I applied the PVAcrete and finally dropped some plaster rubble bits.

I have another six bases cut, ready to be completed and will need to find card for the last three for the archer unit.

Will post this week when all completed and painted.

Then its a matter of playing with them and seeing how they work, could be useful or a pain, not sure yet :-)

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