Friday 9 May 2014

Back to the Start

I feel an explanation is in order before I post any more, people may think that I produce these models at incredible pace, not true. I have a backlog of work that I am loading up in manageable pieces. Most of what I am posting at the moment has been on for the last 7 months, and while I will continue to post there I wanted a place where all the game modelling I do could be viewed in one place. Hence this Blog.

About two years ago I began creating my own set of Quest having given my original set away some 15 years previously!!!! Daft I know. However I was lucky to be given 4 sheets of 8' by 4' hardboard for free, so set to work designing  then making all the stuff you see on these Quest pages.. 

I started by making all the corridors, then went on to the dungeon rooms and ended with the objective rooms. The latter being the most fiddly to do and the most 3D. As well as the hardboard bases I used cappa board to build them up and cardboard, stones, pebbles, sand, PVA glue and greenstuff.

This piece we have been using as a bar area, not part of the original set.


  1. I bet those tile rooms have seen some serious killing. I reckon I can see the blood of a thousand goblins on there somewhere.

    1. And quite a few characters have bitten the dust there too. We played about a year before I started the Blog and in one memorable game all four characters died on the stairs as a succession of 1's drew more and more monsters onto the tile, oh how we laughed :-)