Sunday 25 May 2014

Map of Corto Luna

Thought I would share the island that our characters play their games of Quest in. I like to try to make the game as RPG as I possibly can. Thus I've produced drawings of the Island of Corto Luna, so that we can have a real sense of place. There have been times when we have played complete role playing sessions, so all this background info goes to make the whole experience that bit more interesting. 

For most of our games, I think we've probably played about 50/60 times in the last 2 years, the characters have been adventuring around the area below. All the characters originated from the small village of Sagan, travel to the Town of Bocognan and sometines enter the city of Jaccio.

Here is the village of Sagan, the characters home village. Many adventures start here in the local inn, The Blue Boar. This map links in with model houses I've been making, I'm trying to create enough buildings for this, then use them to create "parts" of the town or city.

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