Monday 12 May 2014

New Rooms

These are a group of new room tiles which I made earlier this year. They follow the same method and size. So each individual square is 30 mm side, while there is a 15 mm border round the entire edge of the tile. Then I tend to add course sand into the border and sometimes finish of with stones etc.
This room is the Hall of Death I believe and is the only one of the 4 that you can actually get the original tile for, it came as part of an expansion, The Catacombs of Terror. The piles of skulls are in fact small stones with a few well placed blobs of greenstuff, modeled into skulls.

A wider corridor, to allow for different tactical situations.

The Great Hall, one of my own creations, left flat so that I can add extra features, like columns, statues and other furniture when I like.

Stepping stones, with their own set of simple rules.

I thoroughly enjoy making these tile/boards and will keep adding new items whenever I can. I have also made my own cards which help with game play, will post these soon.

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