Sunday 4 May 2014

Several Years in the Past....

This is my blog about all the various models and games that I make and play in my spare time. The Fantasy genre has occupied much of my time since the age of 11, when I read Lord of the Rings and was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons by an friend. Ta Antony.
From there I became interested in playing a whole bunch of Games Workshop titles:
Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Quest, Bloodbowl, Necromunda and Mordheim. All excellent games.
In this blog I will be recording the things I do and make, mainly in photos. Many of the pictures have been taken over many years, but since I am an older gamer, I have only recently decided to record my projects here on the net.

Gaming Table

This is what I have been mostly working on recently. The idea is to have a double sided board that I can play Warhammer Quest on one side and Deadzone/Necromunda/Quest on the other side. One will be like it is above, other more urban.

This is how I play Quest at the moment, but this board is hard to store and is not really big enough for play. I end up messing about with the tiles all the time to make them fit. With the new board I won't have a problem getting the whole dungeon on.

So I started with a pasting table and removed the hinges, put them on the short side to create better playing space.

Now that the basic construction is done, its the fun bit.

So this side is for Quest. Sand on PVA. painted black and then highlighted with grey,red and white.
When it folds out it gives a 44" by 35" playing area, big enough.

So next is to create the inside to give it an urban look. Will be using mostly recycled materials, cereal packs, parcel packaging, anything I can get my hands on really.

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