Thursday 8 May 2014

Setting the scene Part 2

These are a set of photos that I took recently having finished my portable Quest board. Again this is a photo shoot as opposed to a series of game shots.

These pics are of how I see the board being used for Quest adventures in a town or village, or a small section of a city. I still have a lot of work to do on the buildings mainly because all of these were made for WFB or Mordheim. As such they are ruins and ruins arn't really where citizens often like to live. So some building to be done.

Some adventuring characters under pressure in the village square. Druid, wardancer, barbarian and... well I'm not sure at moment... a Roman officer!

Skeletons move in, slowly, for the kill!

Bats flutter, what else would they do?

Zombies, with a Wight.

Mummies and a Vampire.

A Ghost in the antic.

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