Wednesday 21 May 2014

High Elf Army List

2000 point High Elf Army

Loremaster of Hoeth-Great weapon, heavy armour, Talisman of preservation
Noble, Battle standard bearer- Great weapon, heavy armour, Reaver Bow
Archmage level 3- Golden Crown of Atrazar

Core Units
15 Silver Helms,- Full command,shields
29 Lothern Sea Guard- Full command, shields

Special Units
20 Phoenix Guard- Full command
Lion Chariot of Chrace

Rare Units
Great Eagle
2 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers

I organised the army so that the Loremaster went in the unit of Phoenix Guard.
The Archmage and the Battle Standard  Bearer were put in the Lothern Sea Guard bunkered at the back of the board flanked by the 2 repeaters.

Not sure I would do this every time, but I will definitely try it again. My worry is that it only leaves me 2 combat effective units and the eagle to redirect/deflect. Not included the Lion Chariot because it ran off in last game having done zip woulds to a Vargulf, better luck next time.

I was also very lucky with my magic phases in the last game, really can't rely on that. Usually my magic phase is pretty poor, luck and judgement being the problem. However I will be sticking with this set up for a while, to give it a chance. I have never used the Loremaster in a game, not sure what I think, but having spent so much time converting him and making the books- he stays.

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