Sunday 11 May 2014

Making the Doors

Here are some photos of how I began to make my doorways. I always start with sketches. The only difference between my originals and this one is that I made the arch out of corrugated card from a box instead of cappa board. I just doubled up the card to get the thickness.

So cut out the arch, cut the base from thick card and glued to corrugated card for extra strength. Then glued the arch to base using the same PVA as throughout, put to one side to dry. 

The next section is all about the decoration of the basic structure.

So use the template again and cereal packet: cut shape, then mark and cut brick shapes to clad archway, glue all bits to both sides. Then cut 5 mm strips for inside of arch to strengthen. 

Nearly the end of the building process, just making fancy and few strengthening tips. Using whatever I have to hand, cereal card, thicker card, BBQ skewers, cocktail sticks, bits from my bits box - decorate.

I use a mix of sand and PVA to create a cement which I use to strengthen/fill the edges of the archway- i use this mix a lot!!!! Finally I paint the whole thing, not gonna go through the process, except  to say that I always coat in acrylic stain - oak or similar to shade.

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