Wednesday 14 May 2014

Cottage Painting

Finished painting the basic cottage, It gave me all sorts of problems, will talk about those in a bit. Used the cheapest paints I could find. Not keen on using my citadel paints on large construction jobs. This model was painted using tester pots, a deep blue, grey/black, lighter grey and brown. I had to use an old pot of blood red to cover the roof, but after black undercoat I dry brushed the red on, so didn't use too much.
So now to the problem, mainly that when I covered the model in stain at the end of the painting, the stain turned the whole model a very dirty brown/red. The grey tones of the stone all disappeared! Not happy I had to go back and dry brush grey over to bring it back out again. Won't be using that stain on the next cottage,

My plan next is to create 3/4 more cottages and to alter some of the buildings I already have to form the rest of a village/town.

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