Saturday 31 May 2014

Character Profile

Serefina the Witch

Battle Level: 5              Atts: 2                                         Wounds: 18                                  Gold: 8039

Equipment: Gnarled Staff, Fur Cloak, Amulet of Protection, Darting Steel Daggers
Deathstone, Time Freeze Ring, Lucky Talisman, Chalice of Fate, Dome of Power

Potions: Toughness, Strength, Giant Strength, Healing,

Spitestones: 10                                                          Familiar: Owl, named Titch

Skills: Fly, Vision of Beauty, Mental Shield                Favourite Spells: Ray of Spite, Healing Touch, Wither

Tactical Play:
Primarily, you would have thought, this would have been healing the other players. Not in Serefina's case however.She does often heal with Healing Touch or Aura of Calm when the whole group are in trouble, but her role more often is in an aggressive capacity.
Coupling her ability to fly with say the Ray of Spite, Serefina can avoid pinning, move to a good vantage point, then spray the enemy, usually killing or at least wounding all the models in a row. This allows the other combat characters to then mop up the left overs.
Other spells of note are; Kiss of Life - never once used in all our games but very useful ; Charm, used to control medium sized monsters, minotaurs etc; Claws of Steel, a combat spell, again never used.
When Serefina needs to attack in H-to-H, desperate times! She will drink a strength potion and use her Darting Steel Daggers in combination, very nasty, 3 auto hits, strength 10, with 3 damage dice per hit till the end of the combat!!!
In our group, Serefina quickly became the dominant force. If not for her mixture of skills they would have died quite a while ago.

This tends to colour how the group interact and helps develop their story. In essence, Crue and Bjorg are pretty much in her thrall, almost like a vampire's victims, while Jazz is Serefina's personal body guard.

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