Friday 22 May 2015

ClashOTF: 10 mm Miniatures

I have for the last week or so been making my own 10 mm miniatures. I started making a series of models for ClashOTF, using some old Greek models cut and shaped and then with GS added to create the end result. These were OK but then I begun to get the feeling that I could have a go at making my own.

So I made the wire frames, mainly by eye.

Then I did the torso, just to hold the wire together and glued them to some floor tiles I had knocking about. Then I added the feet.

Then I added trousers.

Made the guns from card, modeled the head, not so good, and then added the arms.

Still have shoulders and back pack to add. The intention is to make five Cadian type figures and five Marines, I also experimented with an Eldar model, but only have the legs so far. They look a bit chunky at the moment but I must admit I'm surprised how well they came out.

What I really need to make are some alien types. 


  1. I like.
    THem being a bit chunky actually helps a bit in the small scales, it helps define them better and add some character.

  2. Cheers Ivan. I will plod on with them and see how they turn out, but I am encouraged at the moment :-)