Saturday, 9 May 2015

Five Parsecs: Fanatics

Here are my group of miniatures which will be the core group of Fanatics in my Five Parsecs games. These were originally a Necromunda gang my son ran back in the late 90's.

Gimp was their leader
Kragoth, ganger
Malakai, ganger
Visse, juve
Addonno, juve
Beavis Jnr, juve

I think it speaks reams about his early childhood that he should give his gang such an unusual set of names, that and some of the things he may have seen on TV. (I will have a word with him.) :-)

Apart from redoing the bases, there has been little for me to do to these fellas, of course I made sure my son did not intend using them anytime in the future! I especially like the one with the home made flail, there should be more of those.

Homage to Wolverine.