Thursday 7 May 2015

Skaven: Rat Ogres

Here are the three Rat Ogres all modeled just waiting to be painted. I tend to find when I'm making the same model over and again that far from getting easier or developing in quality, that I actually get worse at the whole process. Not sure if this is just me or whether other people suffer same problem. I think I get bored and can't be bothered to give the later models the same level of concentration as the first, when I was still solving problems...

Only one close up am afraid, camera battery packed in, will take some more when painted and have full battery.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Gordon, they look OK considering they were based on my sons old midget wrestlers from 15 years ago. I don't half horde some rubbish, but then just as well I do I suppose.
      They are a bit chunky but the main thing is they will play OK in Quest.
      Should be painted by end of weekend :-)

  2. The one with blue is missing a claw on his left hand.
    Other than that they look pretty decent. I do question whether the cost of GS might outweigh the cost of some cheap IoB rat ogres ;)

  3. Yep I missed that one Tristan, will have to see what I can do, very observant. Its always a bit of a toss up between buying from Ebay or making. But I recon I come out on top in this case, the wrestlers cost nothing, stolen from son, and I got 36" of GS from Ebay for £8.50 ish, and have really only used 6" at most. Where as Ebay Rat ogres go for between £9.00 to £15 for two.
    Also gives me practise modelling :-) which I need.

  4. wow that is a good price on GS

  5. It was from trolltrader on ebay , 36" for £8.90 which includes P&P, to you out there it may well be more.