Tuesday 12 May 2015

Skaven Rat Ogres

Here are the three Rat Ogres that I built before the weekend, they seem to have come out OK. With these finished that leaves me just the characters to do, I have to admit that the April challenge seems to have gone and I have failed, but I won't loose any sleep. I aim to have characters done by end of May.


  1. Thanks Gordon, they came out OK, a bit more "brown" than I thought and rather cartoony, but they will go well with all the other Skaven I've done so far, thanks again :-)

  2. You've accomplished a ton of painting in April - I wouldn't consider it a fail. :)

    1. No perhaps not, can't say I'm worried about it, just find having a target helps. And really its just the characters to complete now and they should be fun :-)