Wednesday 6 May 2015

Make Over for Necromunda Building

Now I know that as soon as some of you see this you're gonna say...
"Daxio, what on earth do you think you're doing..." or "You stupid great ......r"

But I haven't used this model for ages because of how it had warped over the years and because it was a thin bit of kit in the first place. So I have given it a make over.

I think it looks a lot better and it is certainly a lot more stable and strong. I much prefer it this way and as a result it will get used in games of Five Parsecs. It could still be used in Deadzone too, but I will not hold my breath.

Edit: This is how the model looked when I bought it, the green central structure.


  1. I'm in the other camp - I think this is brilliant. I have a few necromunda pieces built which like you say warp and are not stable. I also ended up with a pile more of the connectors and I've decided that eventually they will get rebuilt using plasticard or something else more stable.

    I like what you've done - it matches your stuff. My goal for the necro stuff is to make it work for more sprawling structures and double for deadzone. It's a ways off ever since I nearly finished my deadzone terrain and have already begun working on some homemade "easy pack" necromunda terrain.

    The only piece I intend to keep as it (other than the 40k buildings that use the bulkheads like firebase and generator) is in this pic. To be honest I use it with the deadzone stuff and might do my second up similarly so they can lead to sewers.

    1. Cheers Tristan, I'm far more likely to use it as it is now, and it fits in with deadzone ish. I love the whole idea of large interlacing buildings with different layers, its what Necromunda was about. Like your Delaques I have a gang of those as well :-)

    2. those are actually my buddies delaques hiding there but was the best pic of that particular piece I could find (that piece is perfectly sized for deadzone)

      we used to assemble the cardboard/bulkheads without creating "buildings" rather just a variety of platforms and levels - it definitely gives it a different feel.

  2. Sounds good to me, seems such a long time since I played Necromunda, would be good to play again. I think one of the strengths of the game was the fact you could create such a variety of environments with the buildings and walkways they provided in the basic game and then it encouraged me to create more and more, same with you, looking at the pictures.