Monday 25 May 2015

The Castle: So far, Still Old

Just to show that I have not been sitting about doing nothing to the castle I half destroyed recently, I thought I would share where I am up to at the moment.

I have taken all the pieces that had formed the main body of the castle and separated them into individual sections. Next I based all the walls and main keep area on hardboard, the towers I fiddled with quite a bit because I wanted them to look more like the tower I had made for the small temple.

So I had cut lower doorways on two sides and two higher doorways to connect to wall sections, added in a second floor and stripped all the plaster off the very top of the tower so that stone could be added. The pieces I have cut out will become window sections or doorways.

Lastly I had a separate building that needed work, so with this I cut new door and archways out of the walls so that figures can be placed inside. I do need to get on my bandsaw and cut a hardboard base for this last building section.

Finally for this section of work I need to cut the stone clad for the towers and the two wall sections that don't have any then secure the bases with PVAcrete.

Notice the gaps, I have had to make two more towers to fill them.

I've opened up all the towers and fitted an interior level

Still tons of work to do, will try another update at the beginning of June. 


  1. That's going to look great when it's done!

  2. Cheers Gordon, I'm not pretending to myself that its going to be a quick job, started cutting the individual stone blocks last night out of card and its going to take ages. Will post every month or so, could be done by end of July.