Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Black Hat: Quest location

In our next game of Warhammer Quest we will be investigating a local shop in the City of Jaccio, with a mysterious and dangerous reputation, as a purveyor of magical items not always got by strictly legal means. I won't say too much as it will spoil the story line, but here is the shop.

The Black Hat shop was made from a basic cottage model I made about a year ago, documented here, with some extra wall sections and a smaller outbuilding to give it character. Finally I made a couple of signs that can hang outside to show clearly what the place is.

The shop is run by Malo Dour a Chaos Dwarf and his two sons, who seem to run a legitimate business although local gossip has it that Dour has links with all sorts of strange occurances. Indeed it is rumoured that Dour has a whole complex of tunnels hidden deep below the Black Hat....
We will see.


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    1. Cheers riot, I wasn't sure if the signs were too dark, they seem OK with a flash, but not so much in real life.