Sunday 10 May 2015

What's A Wrestler Good For?

Thought I would share some of the other models I have used from my sons ancient collection of midgit wrestlers. These have all been made in the last year, so not really completely up to date/recent stuff, but here by way of examples of what hideousness can be created with toys and GS :-)

A little disclaimer is needed here I feel: in no way am I suggesting these are well made or well sculpted, I know my limitations. They are a bit of cheap fun and when placed on the games table invariably become a talking point and object of fun/ridicule. We always laugh, I laugh, my friends laugh, my kids and "she who must not be named" laughs. So please feel free to LAUGH.

First up we have some trolls, which are just trolls for WFB and I made them because I didn't have the money to buy the real models.

Then we have some unit fillers, these represent 9 models. The first is for an orc/bigun unit:

The next is a unit filler for Black orcs in the same army.

I actually made these two models so that I didn't have to cart around quite so many figures to play a game of Kings of War. One of these fillers and 11 other single models arranged round the edge gives a 20 orc unit.

Lastly I made two unit fillers for my Night Goblin army too. These were the very first models I made from the wrestlers, the giant Squigs being made from glass nuggets with milliput wrapped, rather badly, round them. And that's the lot.

I think they're fun and they cost very little to make :-)

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