Sunday 17 May 2015

Dark Elves V's Bretonians WFB Report

Finally got a game in against my friend Mick, the first this year, and had a great evening playing 2000 pts of Dark Elves against Mick's Bretonnians.

I think this was Mick's list:
General on a Griffon, could re roll to hit and wound I think, plus had sword which performed well against T5 
level 3 enchantress on horse
level 2 enchantress on foot
3 units of 9 knights of realm
20 peasant archers
6 skirmishing archers
6 mounted yoemen
20 men at arms
2 units of Pegasus Knights

Sorry this is a bit vague I'm sure Mick will leave a comment to cover what I have missed.

Bretonnian deployment.

The Dark Elf list:
Supreme Sorceress with sacrificial dagger
Hag on a Cauldron of blood, Battle standard
40 Dreadspears
20 Darkshards
5 Warlocks
3 Hydra

Dark Elf deployment.

Mick's smashing new castle.

The village in the middle caused a bubble effect, although the Medusa did enter and paid the price.

Dark Elf first turn, Bretonnians let the Dark Elves go first.
The Warlocks Vanguard up then get ready to shoot. Which is the point that I read their entry and realised they had no ballistic weapons.

Somewhere about here the Warlocks charge the peasant archers in the side, kill 4 and run the rest off the table. Great, a new unit never used before actually doing stuff! 

Bretonnians swing round the village in the centre.
Missed Dark Elf movement photographs, but basically the right flank moved up while the Hydra shuffled back, not far enough!

A unit of knights charge the first Hydra... 

Bretonnian General charges the other Hydra, which heralds the demise of both Hydra. Never mind.

The Medusa had killed 2 skirmishing archers with her Avert Your Eyes ability, but then next turn was charged by a unit of Pegasus knights. Oops! Poor positioning on my part.

Notice the absence of Hydra 

The Bretonnian General careered on into the Darkshards and Serefina the DE General.

Serefina did manage to cast Enfeebling Foe on the Bretonnian General, taking his strength down by 2, but also miscast killing  4 Darkshards and putting a wound on herself. It did restrict the damage the General could dish out especially since I also challenged him with my Unit champion. All that bought me a turn.

The Pegasus knights managed to polish off the Medusa, while the knights who had taken out the Hydra on the far left joined in with the ruination of the Darkshards.

While another unit of Knights charged into my last Hydra.

Cat and mouse with the Doomfire Warlocks up by the castle. I was quite impressed by them.

The Dreadspears and cauldron stand ready to clean up the left overs.

With the Darkshards run down the way was clear for a side charge from the Dreadspears.

While my last Hydra made a stand! He actually clawed back 3 wounds at the end of combat.

In charge the Dreadspears. This looks like a good position, lots of low strength attacks but look how many I will get. 20 str 3 from the Dreadspears, 6 str 4 from the Hag, 6 str 3 from the witch elves and I rolled 4 + 1 str 5 from the scythes on the cauldron.

But after 36  attacks only 2 Knights lay face down in the green field, only 2!
But with ranks and side charges the Dreadspears had won and Mick needed to roll 5 or less to hold, with 2 attempts. He failed the first but threw a 4 on the second, thus holding and spelling the death knell for the Dark Elf Army.

In the next turn the Bretonnians suffered no wounds at all and his General and Pegasus Knight flew out of harms way

At this point it was rather late so we called the game and the Bretonnians were declared the winners.

It was a fun game and I think I learned a few things from it;

Always take a set of specs so you can actually read lists, spell cards or even rules;
Read through some of the rules for your army, it was the first time I had played the Dark Elves since the new book came out;
I need to re-jig this list, 3 Hydra into the battle, really? they're not worth it! (Although my positioning and movement may have really been their ultimate downfall.)

Victory to Bretonnia

Well done Mick, a grand game and a lovely looking castle, hopefully we will be getting together for a rematch in a few weeks time.


  1. Great stuff! Look forward to seeing a leaner, meaner Dark Elf army next time!

  2. A cracking looking game.

    How are you finding the new rule set?

    1. Thanks fells, it was great to get out and play a game.
      Yep there might have to be some executioners in the next version. (Don't have more than 5 witches.)
      As for the new army book, well to be honest I need to read it carefully, with some glasses on! :-)
      I'm sure there will be loads of inbuilt imbalances, he said cynically.

  3. Glasses help :-)

    Nice looking game, looks like you had a blast.

    1. Yep we did, me and Mick have been playing WFB for about 17 years off and on, this year has been the quietest we've ever had, hopefully this game will get us back in mood.
      Glasses! as soon as I got to Mick's I realised, what a clutz :-)