Saturday, 16 May 2015

Star Ship Boards

I completed these boards that I have been developing for the last two months or so for play with Five Parsecs. As soon as I started playing Five Parsecs I realised that I would, some day, want to play boarding actions or star ship encounters of some sort or other.

First I developed the wall sections that I use in my games to develop buildings and low level terrain.
First off I thought that would be how I would create the Star ships, but very quickly it became apparent they would not work..

So I created the boards,in separate sections, so that I could create a variety of ship designs.

For important doorways that led to specific areas, like the bridge or the engine section I used the large Quest type doors I had made a while back. For the more mundane doors I used a smaller versions you see here.

Here's a larger Patrol Vessel, the one my players are using. Its too big for their needs but its old and seen better days. It is also the Star Ship I rolled up when I started the crew.

Here's a smaller scout class ship, I made a different cock pit area for variety, its rounded opposed to triangular.