Wednesday 13 May 2015

Five Parsecs: Characters

For some time now I had been looking at the model I threw together very quickly to play my first games of Five Parsecs with and realising some of them were not the best. Specifically the model I used Junke. So I remodelled her.

Also I realised that I would need to create a model for the new character Halo Jobes, since the general model I was using was a miniature from Cluedo.

I think this is a far more female looking model, basically its a GW dark elf with a bit of GS and a catachan's sword.

Here is the rough build for Halo. Based on a dark elf again, with GS arms, Catachan hands and Tau head. There are some details from an Eldar kit and pistol and grenades from a Kroot kit.
I had to rebuild the left foot as there wasn't one and I was a bit disappointed because her left hand had been turned up a bit more, gathering psychic energy, or something, but it sagged when I wasn't looking. Should have supported it in position but forgot.

Other News:

 I have managed to base most of the castle I ripped apart last week, although I am in a quandary over what to do with the towers!

After downloading Clash on the Fringe: Ivan Sorensen's last Sci-fi skirmish rule set  I have been feverishly converting some very old Ancient Greek models into a contingent of troops.

Finally I have completed all the star ship boards for Five Parsecs and will be taking photos soon. 

More star ship furniture is on the way. 

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