Thursday 23 April 2015

April Challenge Update; Jezzails

This is where I am with the April challenge. Feels like I am hurtling towards the end of the month and don't have much time left!

But I am getting to the end, although I don't have many old models left to work with, at present I am waiting for 10 plastic clanrats to appear from Ebay. Little do they know what horrors await them, amputations and decapitations galore!

12 Clanrats
6 Gutter runners
6 Assassins
3 Warpfire thrower teams
6 Jezzails
9 Stormvermin
12 Plague Monks
6 Censor Bearers
6 Globadiers
3 Rat Ogres. could be a problem
Grey Seers, as many as I can make
Characters, as many as I can manage.

Here are the completed Jezzails; I used Kroot rifles, it was all I had: rebuilt their hands, the first was a bit poor; then I added a bead to their backs to look like a container of some sort.

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